bird sonia frankenInteracting Day, Cityleaks Festival Cologne, Eigelsteintorburg, 15 – 18 pm, 08.09.17

In „Bird“ a birdwoman-figure is placed on a tennis court, doomed to play on its own. This Solo tackles this years Cityleaks Festival topic “sharing public space” by focusing on the widespread phenomena of ongoing (self)representation and over-engagement with oneself.

Since 2015 Sonia Franken focuses on the intersection of Choreography and Animal Masks, mainly within the collective work of El Cuco Projekt. Visual arrangement processes and movement research complement each other in her choreographic work. By situating human bodies (in movement) with animal „heads“ in banal circumstances she explores different perspectives on daily life.

The Solo project „Bird“ is produced by Sonia Franken. For this project she worked with a composition of Paulo Santiago, a birdmask in collaboration with Gonzalo Barahona and Carla Jordao as an outside eye.

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