SONIA FRANKEN (D/ UK) is a founding member of diverse performance collectives such as El Cuco Projekt (since 2014), Kollektiv Bauchladen Monopol (2006 – 2015) and Polar Publik (since 2020). She has rich and diversified experience in teaching and is a certified IOKAI Meridian Shiatsu® Practitioner.

She works at the intersection of Choreography and Visual Art within the collective work with animal masks of El Cuco Projekt. Visual arrangement processes and movement research complement each other in her choreographic processes. She explores different perspectives on daily life by situating human bodies (in movement) with animal „heads“ in banal circumstances.

She is a founding member of Polar Publik e.V. a community of artists from the genres of new music, dance, theater and visual arts who, in their transdisciplinary projects at the interface of art and science, dedicate themselves to current conditions and situations in which the phenomena of power and powerlessness become explicit.

Sonia Franken has been working with Kollektiv Bauchladen Monopol in various performances and interventions in public spaces from 2004 – 2015 and published in Theater der Zeit „Performing Politics“ and in the yearly edition of the Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung „Tanz,Raum&Urbanität“.

Since 2007 Sonia Franken has been a member of the production space for contemporary dance Barnes Crossing in Cologne. Within this network she initiated projects as artistic director: She has accompanied various production processes of young choreographers and collectives, in the yearly MAD festival from 2010 to 2014. From 2007 – 2013 she established and directed the youth projects of Barnes Crossing, since 2013 within the urban space project „Jardim Urbano“ together with Marcelo Omine.

She completed her dance studies at the Rotterdam Dance Academy (Bachelor of Arts Dance Education, Codarts, 2003) and at the Kölner Hochschule für Musik und Tanz (Master of Arts Dance Studies, Centre for Contemporary Dance, 2013).

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